Giveaway extension

As much as a bummer this may seem, I promise for what I have planned that it will be worth it. We are going to extend the giveaway by 2 weeks in order to add some extra goodies. (Like the calendar pictured! But that’s not the biggest reason for the extension.)

So make sure that you submit entries by February 22nd at 8 pm MST for your chance to win!

I’m not feeling the greatest today so hopefully soon I can get back to blogging with some updates on a project that I’ve been working on. 🙂

Much love,

Dahlface ❤
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Disney Star Wars Weekends 2014 Rancor & Keeper Vinylmation Figures

I finally found a ZANNY RANCOR-ZANCOR!!! I wish I knew the price!!!!!

Mighty Jabba's Collection


Last year, Disney released a set of Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb for Star Wars Weekends. This year, it’s the rancor and his keeper. (This box has been autographed by the artist, Casey Jones.)


They’re both jumbo figures, which seemed wrong for Jabba, since even though he’s bigger than a normal humanoid, he doesn’t tower over them. But for the rancor this seems about right.


One thing that’s always interesting is to see what’s done with the ears on the figure template. In this case, the rancor’s ears show the grating of his pit above him, while the keeper’s show the rancor’s chain. Unfortunately, my keeper got a paint rub on his face from rubbing up against the rancor in the package.


Here are all of my Vinylmation figures. I believe a Boba Fett is coming out that I’ll probably want to add to this, but I haven’t…

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18 Kids and a Pervert: How the Duggars really broke a ton of commandments

I hate that show, never watched it once, but I know I’d be throwing my slippers at the screen! So I am also NOT A CONSERVATIVE!! I believe in LBGTQ+ bc I have friends that are & I was also sexually abused!. I could never condone a show like this if I were a TV network.

Ring the (Independent) Thought Alarm

The Duggar clan of TLC's juggernaut 19 Kids & Counting. But is it really 18 Kids & a Pervert and is TLC going to give the show the boot? (source: US Weekly) The Duggar clan of TLC’s juggernaut 19 Kids & Counting. But is it really 18 Kids & a Pervert and is TLC going to give the show the boot?
(Photo source: US Weekly)

So I guess we all heard about this scandal involving the TLC show 19 Kids & Counting. For those that don’t know the show is about the Duggar family and their very large brood of 19 kids (you heard right…NINETEEN KIDS). Well, recently a skeleton has come out of the cupboard of eldest son Josh Duggar in the form of a report that in 2002 he foldled the breasts and gentailia of several young girls while sleeping and some of them being his own siblings! A police report from 2006 surfaced just recently, however, the statue of limitations has expired. I should point out that Mr. Duggar was the executive director of the legislative arm of…

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Not on my wall… Boundaries and Entitlement

I agree. Autism Speaks is horrible.

Thirty Days of Autism

Hey You - getoffofmywallLately I have seen some parents suggesting that their “Lighting it up Blue” is different – because they have their own kind of family meaning or tradition for it and do not associate it at all with Autism Speaks.

When these people hear that #LIUB is uncomfortable, and that it is considered disrespectful by many Autistic people and those who support them, they seem to defend their position by saying things like: ‘It is okay – we don’t all have to agree… we are still working toward the same goals and I am supporting my child.’

The thing is… this is a little different from being ‘not in agreement…’

For one thing this is blatantly disregarding the voices and perspectives of many, many Autistic people. In fact, not one of my Autistic friends is in favour of “Lighting it up Blue.”

Think about it… this dismissive disregard is…

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The kids are not all right

Well said, @Marie!

Ring the (Independent) Thought Alarm

Teen group photo Teenagers today are thrown messages on how they should think, act, and look and not all of them are proper. Kids need to learn it’s okay not to fit the norms by society & media.

On Facebook there is a meme that goes around every so often how kids born in the 70s are the last generation with common sense. I laugh at it because I was born in 1978 but sometimes I feel that it might be true.

This time I’m examining the reasons why those of us in Generation X and maybe on the fringe of Generation Y are worried about the next generation.

First to the kids who were born in the mid to late 80s and beyond, I’m not singling all of you out. I know for a fact that there are a lot of you that are upstanding citizens and show that not everyone of…

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Kevin Sorbo doesn’t deserve the backlash

Um, oops I had wrote a comment talking to anyone who might read this, but I wanted to reblog bc I SO WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree w/ everything she said here! I hate haters especially when a comment was taken out of context & misconstrued. #KevinSorboRocks He is #Hercules’ friend even if K.S. is NOT made of Zanny.

Sorbo Writer's Blog

I am extremely tired of reading sp1009462_0and hearing the hateful, vulgar, misinformed rants by individuals and media regarding Kevin Sorbo’s recent comment about the Ferguson riots on his Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page. People who don’t even know who he is use their bandwagon mentality to denigrate him for the sole purpose of receiving their five minutes of fame.

Well, haters, your time is over and your idiocy speaks more volumes about you than about him.

Let me tell you about the Kevin Sorbo I know so that you can put this in perspective. If you need to read more about him personally and professionally, I refer you to his IMDb page, his Official Website, the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fan Club website, Sorbos-Tribute, Sorbo Dreams and the plethora of websites and blogs dedicated to him. Additionally, his book, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere…

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Kevin Sorbo in God’s Not Dead made me question his niceness

Kevin Sorbo really IS a nice guy or he couldn’t be friends w/ Hercules like he is.

Sorbo Writer's Blog

GND_OfficialPoster-2 This awesome review of Kevin Sorbo ‘s movie, “ God’s Not Dead ,” now in its 9th week in theaters according to the Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page , was written by a fan whose enthusiasm led her to dedicate Facebook and Twitter pages to it entitled, God’s Not Dead Movement and @GNDMovement . Many thanks, my dear friend, for your heartfelt words and efforts to spread the message about this inspirational production!

On opening day my family and I went to see “God’s Not Dead.” We went there not being sure of what to expect, and were we blown away!

First of all, the theater filled up faster than any other movie we had ever been to see before. The usher actually had to announce that we were not to put our belongings on the seats as it was expected to be a sold-out show (which it…

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